Mary & Sharona in Michigan
Mary & Sharona in Michigan

"Spending A Day Off With Sharona is an adventure. The adventure will bring you joy, fun and excitement. A memorable experience of something new and/or reliving an old experience with a new perspective."

- Mary

"I think that anyone would want to spend A Day Off With Sharona because she treats every outing as an opportunity to learn something and have fun doing it. Whether it’s the streets of Florence or at the corner supermarket, you learn something you didn’t know before and feel excited to see if for yourself. She really “sees” what’s around her and generously shares her time and her love of the world with those who follow her. It’s a treat to see the world through Sharona’s eyes."

- Joanie

Joanie and Sharona
Joanie and Sharona in NYC
Karen and Family in Philadelphia
Karen and Family in Philadelphia

"I think traveling with you is great because:

1. You give people the “insider’s perspective” showing them the cool, off the beaten path places that a true local frequents and why.

2. You listen. It’s not about you; you make it all about what interests them because you listen and get to know the people you are guiding.

3. You are fun loving and creative. You are going to make the tour/travel unique and fun (whatever that means to the people being guided). You might help them stretch their usual comfort zone a bit, but in a totally cool fun way, not scary."

- Karen

Me and my husband recently took a trip to NYC. We were so excited to have Sharona’s expert knowledge and experience of New York City. We spent the whole day sightseeing and checking out new things that we would not have known about otherwise! We visited Roosevelt Island which was a first for us! Such a great escape from the city! Definitely recommend the tram!  She was able to show us things like the whispering gallery in grand central station. We walked the streets of Little Italy for the feast of San Gennaro and had an amazing lunch. We had the best day! She makes everything seamless and you do not have to worry about a thing! If you are wanting to learn some things about NYC and want a stress free day, do yourself a favor and let her plan your trip! You will not regret it!


- Kim and Blake Farr

Sharona Kim Blake
Sharona, Kim and Blake in NYC