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Staycation 2020

During the first week of Fall, I was on staycation. The word staycation has been uttered in every corner of the Earth in these challenging times. A staycation is merely a vacation where you stay in your home town. Ah vacation. We lived for them when we were kids! Remember family vacations? You and your…
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New York City 2020

It’s a hot July afternoon in NYC. All over town, there are people visiting from other cities around the world. They are taking in the sights, tasting the food and mingling with the weary New Yorkers who wish that they were visiting other cities (preferably with less heat!). The visitors  bring a steady stream of…
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See the world…it’s at your fingertips!

During this crisis, the ability to travel has been taken away from us. Strike that. The ability to PHYSICALLY travel has been taken away from us. Some of us are locked down in our homes and only allowed to go out for food/medicine. Some of us are under Stay at Home orders by our states.…
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